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Yumchaa! February 13, 2010

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Jenny Hutton (far left side) and Flo Nicholls (second from left) at Yumchaa

I finally made it to the Mills and Boon Bookclub at the Yumchaa Camden Parkway Tearoom in London this week.

Actually, I went twice! I managed to get the date wrong and arranged to meet a writing friend Sally there on Tuesday, we arrived to find the meeting was actually on Wednesday (sorry Sally!). We had a fab evening talking books and writing anyway, and went back the next night for more.

Lovely Mills and Boon editor Jenny Hutton was there as planned, and a surprise bonus was another editor Flo Nicholls. Discussion was lively with plenty of questions from the group. We seemed a mixed bag- some aspiring writers, a few dedicated readers, and a few who had never read a romance but were willing to be openminded and give it a go. No new eye-opening insights for me, but a fun relaxed evening. And the Yumchaa teas and cakes are superb- though I managed to give the cakes a miss despite the temptation- good girl points for me!

The Book club isn’t an “official” Mills and Boon thing, one of the women who started Yumchaa loves the books passionately and wanted to start a group to read and talk about them. From next month it will run as a proper book club, with discussion of a specific book. If you want to know more, email via the Contact Us link on the Yumchaa website. I definitely plan to go along!

Just to prove I was there, that’s me on the right looking like I’m trying to get out of the picture!


12 Responses to “Yumchaa!”

  1. Jealous. Tea, cakes, and Jenny Hutton. You’re looking virtuous in the picture, must be the lack of cake!

  2. Jane Holland Says:

    I read at a poetry evening at the Yumchaa back in December, I think, as editor of Horizon Review. It was a fun evening, but rather unfortunately there had been a mix-up over times, and they asked everyone to leave partway through our gig as they were closing early that night!

    We all ajourned to one of the nearby pubs, however, and carried on there, only with pints instead of mugs!

    This sounds marvellous though – and isn’t everyone pictured there young?! Most aspiring M&B authors have always seemed to me to be in their thirties and forties. Though the editors are occasionally quite young, lol!

  3. waitingforthecall Says:

    Sally, must have been that green tea with mango I was drinking!

    Jane, they did much the same to us, even though it was one of the owners who set up the book club! I wonder if they have a very strict landlord and it’s a condition of the lease?

  4. Jackie Says:

    Oooh, green with envy over here, Jane! I wish I had a Tardis or something so I could go to these things without a two day flight being involved. 🙂

  5. Joanne Coles Says:

    I’m with Jackie, I wish I had a tardis too. No two day flight, but just as impossible for me to get to one of those events. Totally jealous! It looks like you all had great fun.

  6. OOh, that sounds like a fabulous evening.

  7. waitingforthecall Says:

    It was great fun. Shame all of you guys don’t have a Tardis- the more of us at these things the better!

  8. Marilyn Says:

    Lucky ladies……wish there something like that here in the USA.

  9. Romantix Says:

    I was there too, it was fab. Was really good, going to the one on the 10th March, lovely people and the owner is fun, she has a real passion for the books, I cant wait. Hope to meet you all there.

  10. Natalie Says:

    Oh I heard about the book club at Yumchaa, a friend of mine went to the last one. It was really good fun apparently. Only recently began reading Mills and Boon books but I am obsessed now! I am definitely going to the one on the 10th March. Does anyone know what time it actually starts?

  11. Romantix Says:

    Any one going to the book club on Wed 10th, starts at 6.30pm and I hear we get another book, the mind wanders…!

    I have had a look at yumchaa’s website and love the no tea bagging policy that kind of thing should be included in a future Mills and Boon Plot!

  12. Hey hope you can make it to the one next week too! They are every month at Camden parkway!

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