Waiting for "The Call"

“Honey, it’s always crap. Every book I write is crap. It’s my job to fix the crap afterwards,” according to Nora Roberts. Well, I've got it half right. Still working on the "fixing it" part. "Trust your characters to be complex enough and to have enough emotional baggage. Force them to make hard choices." Advice from Michelle Styles that might help!

No more waiting February 13, 2011

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There’s been a lot going on for me this week, a lot of things I don’t really want that have brought me to a decision point. No more waiting.

I’ve realised my sister was right when I started this blog and she commented that it was kinda negative, to be passively waiting for the Call. I didn’t get it then, I do now. I’m gonna be out there chasing that Call instead. Life’s too short to sit back waiting for things to happen.

I’m reinventing myself. My new policy is to say yes to everything, as long as it’s not illegal, immoral, or waaaaay too fattening. Already opportunities and possibilities are opening up for me.

A couple of things triggered this. One was the recognition back around the start of the year that although I had an active web presence, nothing at all linked it to the name I’ll use for my writing. I’m not going to have mulberry, or waitingforthecall on the covers of my books! So I had to reinvent my internet presence sometime this year anyway. But the biggie was finding a breast lump last week. I’m waiting now to have that investigated.

No matter how much I know that the odds are it will be benign, there’s that little voice that whispers “But what if…?” And my answer to that is that life’s too short to live the way I have been living, pushing my dreams to the perifery day after day, eaten up by the resentment my life isn’t how I want it to be. If this lump turns out to be a nasty, I’ll be making some big changes in my life. If it’s not, I’ll still be making changes, but a little slower.

Starting with changing the name of my blog. I’m tired of waiting.

Next post I do will be the last one here, linking to my new blog. Now I gotta go get it set up!


17 Responses to “No more waiting”

  1. Jane Holland Says:

    So sorry to hear about your health problems. Really hoping and wishing it all turns out okay for you. Positive vibes!

    As for the new blog idea, I’m all for it. No more waiting!!

    All the luck in the world for that. Can’t wait to see the new you.


  2. Autumn Macarthur Says:

    Thanks Jane! You are a sweetheart!

    See, I’m already beginning.

  3. I’ll be thinking of you. I hope for the best possible news!!

  4. Autumn Macarthur Says:

    Thanks Julia! Me too. I;m hoping this will turn out to be nothing but a cosmic kick up the bum!

  5. Jane, is that you?? I love the name if so! Big hugs to you. I’m such a moaner but you’re inspiring me to stop with the moaning and just get on with it. WTG girl! 🙂

  6. Best of luck Jane. I have everything crossed for you. A wake up call like that is sometimes a blessing in disguise. You realise just how much you’re NOT living life – so go grab Life by the youknowwhats and shake ’em baby. I’ll definitely be bookmarking your new site and visiting you there.

  7. Jane, I hope this is just karma giving you a little tap on the head, and everything turns out in a positive way. Can’t wait to see the “new you.”

  8. Lacey Devlin Says:

    ((HUGS)) Jane! I’m so excited for you! All those changes sound great (although I’m glad you added the disclaimer for all illegal activities etc lol!)

    I hope the lump turns out to be nothing but if not, name it and kick its ass 🙂 It’s asking for it after all!

    I’ll be thinking of you and waiting for the great news xxx

  9. Jane, you look great in that picture!

    And, phew! I thought you weren’t gong to blog anymore when I started reading this. Glad you’re changing, although I didn’t find this blog to be negative either.

    I like your new name, too!

    Abbi 🙂

  10. Autumn Macarthur Says:

    Oh wow, how lovely to wake up to all these comments! Thanks Jackie, Anne, Elissa, Lacey, and Abbi!

    Yeah, a cosmic wake up call is not necessarily a bad thing. This one just involves a little more nailbiting and needles than some!

    Setting up the new website is a good distraction, as well. Far better staying up till 2am because I’m trying to follow the not-entirely-accurate WordPress directions for linking a Gmail account to a new website than lying awake worrying about the next doctor’s appointment. Though it would have been nice not to waste over an hour on something I figured out how to do myself in less than five minutes once I stopped trying to follow the instructions.
    Metaphor for my reinvented life?

  11. Aimee Carson Says:

    I’m with Lacey. If this lump, God forbid, turns out to be not so benign, rev up those sharp shooters and kick its ass!!

    Sending out lots and lots of positive thoughts your way!! And when the news comes that this was just a little blip in the road of life that provided you with that cosmic wakeup call – well . . . kick writing’s ass too!!

    In the mean time, a new blog sounds like a great way to make a fresh start.


  12. scarlet wilson Says:

    Autumn Macarthur?????????? Jane, I LOVE IT!!!
    Fabulous pick! Have my fingers crossed you get good news and can breathe a huge sigh of relief in the next few days. Waiting is never easy, but it’s never more worrying than when it’s for health reasons. So, I’m sending you lots of good wishes and looking forward to your new blog xx

  13. Romy Sommer Says:

    Good for you, Jane! I’m looking forward to the new blog with the new kick-ass attitude. Best wishes and positive thoughts that the lump is benign. Whatever happens, I’m sure all your waiting will be rewarded.

  14. jennifer121 Says:

    We are all hoping it works out well, but it sounds like you are already turning toward the positive spin on things. Sometimes, life is so very hard, but I believe everything happens for a reason and I just love the idea of your new blog and name and outlook!

  15. Fingers crossed, Jane. Love the new name. Looking forward to the new blog….even though I don’t visit often.

  16. Joanne Coles Says:

    Wonderfully fab name, I adore it 🙂

    Hope the lump turns out to be nothing but that. An annoying little lump. I had one taken out a few years back. Was terrified, but the doctors usually know what’s going on.

    Hugs to you but you sound like you’ve got an amazing outlook so huge yays to you for that 🙂

  17. Autumn Macarthur Says:

    Thanks Aimee, Scarlet, Romy, Jennifer, Wendy, and Joanne. The support means a lot!

    I had biopsies done yesterday- now another week of waiting!

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